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Production Technology of garlic oil casiles

Garlic, also known as garlic, has rich garlic resources in China. It has a wide range of cultivation, a wide variety of varieties, and excellent quality. Its annual output ranks first in the world. Garlic has been used as a food-derived drug since ancient times, and it has functions such as "passing five internal organs, strengthening spleen and stomach, going to cold and dampness, making evil, painful swelling, treating scabies, treating kidney qi, and solving plague". In recent years, the research on garlic products at home and abroad has become more and more in depth. About 10% of customers in the UK use garlic products as health products. The world is raising a wave of taking garlic products. Garlic is rich in oil, its main components are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, regular consumption has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cerebral arteriosclerosis; also has anti-infective, anti-intestinal pathogens and prevent diarrhea and other functions. In recent years, the health care value of garlic has gradually attracted people's attention. At present, the domestic sales and export of garlic in China are mainly fresh garlic. However, the fresh garlic has a short dormancy period, is easy to germinate and dry, and has low commodity value. The development of a new garlic variety, garlic powder, is of great economic importance. Garlic powder is commonly used in people's daily life. It not only can increase appetite, promote gastrointestinal secretion, help digestion and absorption, but also remove odor and increase flavor when cooking fish, meat and poultry. In addition, garlic powder is favored by consumers because of its light weight and long storage time. This technology uses supercritical CO2 extraction of garlic oil, and then made into a capsule market. After garlic oil is extracted, other nutrients in the garlic granules can be well preserved, and can be used as a material for preparing odorless garlic powder, thereby playing a role in the comprehensive utilization of garlic.
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